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I had no gripes with Facebook until now. I endured all the profile page changes; they were mostly superficial and not life-threatening. I survived the addition of Facebook Groups, and promptly removed myself from many that I was initially invited to. Even traipsed through all the friend groups, and used that to my advantage to selectively limit the information I disseminated through my posts and conversations. They really were doing nothing that I could not tolerate, being the free service that they are. But they finally tweaked one thing that is driving me insane.

They broke my news feed.

The one thing I was reliably using (and had control over) for in my Facebook account was my news feed. Numerous blocked applications, a handful of blocked friends, and a slew of individuals I selectively picked to see more from, Facebook threw it all out the window. I have no customizations any more. I only have two options now: see everyone, or see who Facebook wants me to see.

I really do mean it when I say I can only see who Facebook wants me to see. The option is “Friends and pages you interact with most,” but what if my most valued sources of information are not the ones I interact with most? The people I interact with most are usually the ones who are running an inane discussion of inside jokes and off-key pop culture slams at each other, but they typically are not the ones I am trying to follow most studiously. Those are my recreational friends; I see them on a regular basis. I do not need to follow their feeds. The friends with whom I’m separated by hundreds to thousands of miles,\ and rarely interact with except for choice moments, those are the ones I’m going to lose. I will be forced to (likely) unnecessarily interact with them in order to keep using the “selective” feed. They gave us that filter, and they took it all away, under the assumption that yes, Facebook, knows more about what I want than I do.

Or…I have to start mucking through the waste and muck that clutter my feed, completely overwhelmed by the unfettered ramblings of my dear (but sometimes unnecessarily verbose) friends. Which happens to appear to be what I shall have to do.

If you don’t see me responding to much on Facebook in the coming weeks, you’ll likely know why. TweetDeck for Android does a wonderful job of letting me deliver information to my Facebook wall. However, don’t expect to see me actively at that news feed page; I won’t find what I am looking for in it anymore.

Facebook gets bids from Google, Microsoft, people say

So it appears that Facebook is slowly going the way of MySpace, in a matter. I really did enjoy Facebook in its older days, where entry into the site was restricted to those of workplaces or universities.

When they went public and opened their registration to anyone and everyone, I was reluctant at first. They opened it up, I met a bunch of old friends who were now using, “not a big deal” I thought. Then the applications began to appear. Oh my lord, there were a lot of applications. Thankfully, they’re not as horrible as they could have been. I can just ignore most of the invitations, although it’s a bit annoying to constantly receive invitations. However, this was when advertisements started to show up. Sponsored messages began to show up in my news feed. Typically, only one was to be found in the feed. I thought this was doable. Far more than that in MySpace, with ads and glitter and explosions coming at you from everywhere.

Now, Facebook runs the gamut of the decision to go with more ads or not. The fact that Google or Microsoft may have dibs in that now, makes me worry for the vested future of Facebook. As long as the winning bidder doesn’t impose a need to thrust more of their own ads at everyone, I could care less if they want a market share of the fifteen billion dollar company. If they decide to shove even more of them over the pages that people view daily, I’ll be quite ready to give things up.

I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of an elitist, as some people know. Probably goes with being a perfectionist…I like things how I like them. XuQa seemed like an awfully nice university-based social network back in the day of its inception. Since then, they’ve turned into a cesspool in my eyes. MySpace was the new fad of the day and I was interested, but ultimately I didn’t really feel comfortable with it. Friendster and Hi5 both had attempts as well, but they failed promptly. I had marvelous hopes for Facebook once I gave it a try. I loved the simplicity and the exclusivity of it; clean, sharp, and selective! Alas, it is slowly going the way of the remaining sites.

I’m just waiting for the day that spammers and bots begin to solicit on Facebook. I’ve ran into a few accounts that were awfully close. I know I don’t use Facebook as much as I did back in the day, but I’m more and more leery that it’s going to go down that drain that everything else does.

Why must these all evolve in the wrong fashion?