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Buffalo just finished it’s 25th consecutive day of having a high at 80˚F or above. Coming up on a full month of that, and the record streak was only 32 days long. Thankfully, the region should be dipping back down into the 70˚ range this week, but we’ll see how long that takes to settle in.

This heat used to be bearable. The humidity has made it worse, but I made due after I got back from the conference in Vermont relatively okay. However, I didn’t realize how unbearable it can feel when you’re sick.

Waking up utterly miserable was bad enough on its own. Having to take that and march through the day of heat and humidity just makes the day feel like a time warp. The body aches are that much more achey, the nasal congestion is that much thicker in the humidity, and whatever fever I woke up with Friday (only 100.7˚F) just felt like it torched me: my head felt like it was ready to rip open. It was a ridiculous chore to get to Walgreens that morning for drugs, and then to Wegmans for some juice/nutrition, only to make it back home and put myself back out with a NyQuil-like induced sleep for the rest of the day.

I’ve been confined to the apartment (and predominantly my bedroom) since Thursday evening. I’m far more functional today than Friday (after logging probably close to 50 hours of sleep since Friday morning), but today’s heat just drug out the day forever. I am so ready to get out of here and do something, but the heat and humidity just makes everything miserable. I’m praying it tapers off this week so Shakespeare in Delaware Park might be enjoyable before they finish their summer season!

Also, I blame the heat and humidity for exhausting me so badly on my run last Monday. That’s likely what induced whatever I’m sick with; I’m guessing it weakened my body’s immune response enough to let whatever ripe does of infectogens1 just run rampant. I think I’ll have to keep the exercise down to walks and bike rides until the heat and/or humidity subsides.

NyQuil-wannabe is settling in. Time to sign off and call it a night. I look forward to a less ranty and whiney blog post next time.

1Yes, I did just make that word up.

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…I am totally ready for summer to be over. Let’s get on with the fall already.

Let’s get on with all the pretty changing of the leafs; all the brisk days and sweatshirts and long pants; all the coziness that develops as the temperature slows down and people slow down.

Let’s be done with the mosquitoes; be done with the uncomfortably humid days; be done with the nights that don’t cool down until 4am in the morning.

I have vivid memories of the fall from back in Minot. One stands out in particular: swinging around on the rope swing in my backyard, wearing jeans and a hoodie, laughing and talking with Aleasha-Rose from down the street. That memory must be almost 15 years old, but it really sticks with me.

I have none of those (well, besides the clothing) anymore. I’m aching for something just as powerful in my mind. This could potentially be my last autumn in Buffalo, depending on how things look if I finish my degree next summer.

Let me see what this city has to offer…