I was walking through Delaware Park this morning on my way (rather late I might add) to see UB’s opening girls rugby match against Pitt this morning when I overheard the following conversation.

A woman is helping a two or three year old boy (presumably her son) pee against a tree in the park, a little less than inconspicuously.
Little boy on the swings: Mommy, you never let me do that!”
Woman helping the boy pee: “That’s because I don’t like doing this!

I chuckled at that situation for another good five minutes as I continued to try to find the field where the rugby game was. Ahhh, naivety, such bliss!

Unfortunately, it appeared as though the UB girls did not win against Pitt. At least if they did, they scored considerably more times prior to my thirty-minute late arrival than Pitt did since I arrived. Here’s Pitt grounding their last try before the end of the game: