It’s late on a Saturday night, and I just don’t feel like going to bed quite yet. Despite nearly being done with my BerryWeiss and developing a mild headache (likely induced from unnecessary screaming at a lacrosse game), jut not in a hurry to get to sleep yet. I’m sure that will change once the temperature has dropped and I start getting cold.

The Bandits game tonight was good once they got their act together. I’m so used to seeing Kilgour as the starting center, that I didn’t even think twice when the away team (Philadelphia Wings) got the ball repeatedly after scores were made. Only then did I notice we had some rookie Sanderson at center, and he was doing a horrid job in the face-offs. Swung wild nearly 6 times, completely missing the ball and giving it to the Wings. Kilgour would fight until him and the opposing team member would go down on the turf before he’d give up his hold on the other man’s stick. Within 7 minutes, the Wings were up 6 on our nothing going into the game. I couldn’t believe it! Then the one chance we did have to score (and theoretically did), they called a roughing penalty on the shooter and negated the score. I was a bit livid, since it appeared to be a shoddy act more than a real blow to the goalie.

Ironically, once we got most of the rookies off the field and went back to the tried and proven guys, we came back…with a sweeping lead I might add. Game ended 21-12, thanks to some cooperation resultant in some real shooting (1st quarter shots were lethargic and horribly inaccurate) and a solid defense. I was very glad to see them come back and clean their act up.

Work was a little stressful this week. The week was going okay up until Thursday morning. Wednesday night, I left our FPLC unit running with a chromatography column on it that I was equilibrating for the morning. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn down the flow rate and it depleted all the water I was passing over it, resulting in approximately “420mL of air” going over the column. Needless to say, the column dried out, and the pumps were running dry with dried out seals, no less. My boss was the first one in Thursday morning, so he was the one to discover this first, much to my chagrin. Thankfully, being the ridiculously laid back fellow that he is, he wasn’t too flustered by this. Just caught off guard by the odd noises coming from the machine. The column has since been rehydrated, and is still flowing under a constant flow of ethanol/water to ensure there is nothing problematic with the column. It will continue to run like that all weekend, and then I’ll run some standards on it on Monday (providing our rotation student isn’t using the FPLC) to see how badly I’ve affected/destroyed the theoretical plates in the column. I’m praying it’s minimal…the column runs around $1400 brand new! Then again, I’m not sure I’d want to purchase a used one. Regardless, the FPLC is running fine, and hopefully the column will be as well.

The cat is starting to pester me, so I think it’s time to head to bed. She gets a little too whiney in the middle of the night for attention, I swear!