I’m not sure how many of you use Macs, but since I’ve purchased my MacBook Pro I have become a pretty adamant fan of the Mac operating system. One of my few gripes is the choice of web browsers. Safari is the default for Mac OS X. It looks nice, goes well with the OS, but it has a tendency to stall or not tell you when it’s actually done loading a page. Overall, didn’t like it. I went back to FireFox, since I was pretty comfortable with it on the PC. I toyed with a few others while I was familiarizing myself with FireFox again.

Shiira was slick and smooth looking, but I couldn’t figure the damn thing out. Eventually I gave it up, as their support isn’t nearly as forward as some other browsers. I haven’t tried out their latest build, so I can’t vouch for that.

Opera was a pull-over from my older days on the PC when I first enjoyed tabbed browsing. Opera on the Mac really didn’t impress me.

OmniWeb was attempted a couple of times, and none of those times I really enjoyed it that well. It integrates nicely into Mac OS X, shares much of the same looks, but I can’t stand the blah look to it, and it seems to have similar stalling issues like Safari did.

To the present day, I kept Camino around as it was designed to be a Mac-specific rebuilt Mozilla based off of FireFox. I really didn’t care for the limited looks of it, but man it was a speedy loader of pages. I could live without the plugins and the simple look, but the buttons and fonts didn’t look very good.

I read that Camino is going to use a new renderer for fonts called Cairo, designed to make better use of the Mac’s OS features. Regardless, the latest nightly build of Camino appears to incorporate this. My webpage fonts look awesome now. I can’t believe how crisp the text looks now!

I’d encourage any Mac users to give it a try if they’re a fan of FireFox and want to give something a little more Mac-like a try.