To the raven-haired1 cashier at the Amherst St. Wegmans:

Thanks for explaining briefly how the Shopper’s Club items show up on the register screen. I think that’s the first time anyone has cared to explain how any of that worked for the sake of saving me the question. That was actually pretty beneficial to learn!

To the (what appeared to be) cute girl with the emo/indie-framed glasses in the vehicle ahead of me at the McDonald’s on Elmwood near Hertel:

I was willing to overlook your beaten-up, rusty looking pickup as an initial unwarranted stereotyping. You waited so patiently for the remainder of your food to show up. Once you received your additional three large fries from the window, I noticed your left hand wasn’t decorated with any rings of significance. Interestingly, you went straight to munching on the fries and proceeded to throwing the other half of the handful you bit into onto the ground right at the window.

That caught me off guard, until you proceeded to honk your (an oh so horribly dying) horn and bitch to the poor fellow who gave you the fries about how nasty they were, and that you demanded fresh ones. When he shut the window on you, that’s when you really lost it. You proceeded to talk to the next person at the window, demand the name of the fellow who just abandoned you mid-sentence, and still wanted your “fresh fries.” You never did get them, and proceeded to angrily drive off with your fries still in tow.

I got my order as soon as I got to the window. My hot’n’spicy McChicken and small fries were ready to go, and *gasp!* my fries were fresh! Almost burned my mouth fresh (I’m sure they would have, had I not waited four or five minutes to resolve your gripe session)! Not sure who you were texting/calling/bitching to as you waited to turn onto Elmwood, but from your rocking vehicle as you shifted, your pretentious ass might want to invest in an automatic transmission whenever you buy a new car. Assuming you can.

It’s the pretentious, I’m-so-entitled types that make me scared to ever hit the dating scene again (at least here in Buffalo). Mayhap, I moved into the wrong part of town and that’s why I see so many around here. Or maybe it’s some of the crowd that Kuni’s draws.

Regardless, talking with a dear friend of mine over the weekend, it has come to our attention that the “good folk” we’d like to expand our social networks with appear to be less common. This scares me more as my support network within an hour or two of me is scant, if that. One is a fellow that will likely be in Vermont by the beginning of next year. The other is my ex, for as long as that can/will last. Just need to relax and breath, and not stress myself into any debilitating episodes.

It’s been a rough change, but I’m doing well so far. As long as I stick to staying positive enough, hopefully that network will slowly grow again. I just linger over the thought that it never grew when I moved to Buffalo. I have not really stopped to examine (in any great detail) why that is, but I think I’m better off not wondering (for now). For now, I’m better off engorging myself on blueberry yogurt and lazy mornings of sunshine2.

1Black hair drives me nuts, so I had to mention.
2I love basking/napping in the sun, but it escapes the reach of my bed by about 11am, and I have no westerly-facing windows I can snooze in front of.