Now I understand that many media agencies bias their news or material, but sometimes it get to be a bit much. Especially when it comes to misinterpreting news/data of any source. Take for example the following;

Violent video games make people more relaxed

This comes off pretty straight-forward: violent video games have some kind of a relaxing effect on people. This is far from the case, however. Firstly, the study they interpreted the data from was a survey of World of Warcraft players, a game which I can hardly define concretely as “violent.” I don’t defend it solely because I play it, but the game is no more violent than a typical fantasy novel in the way storylines are setup within the game; evil things are vanquished, and it is not made to be blatantly violent or grotesque. Secondly, this study proposed (based on its work) that taking a survey prior to and after two hours of gameplay of World of Warcraft was able to illustrate a calming/relaxing effect from playing the game. They made no reference to the fact that this game was violent or anything similar; it was simply a study on the relaxing effects of the game on a sub-population over a large age spread.

I guess this ires me because the correlation between violence and video games is a bit ludicrous at times. Comparing massive multiplayer online universes with first-person blow-em/blast-em up shooters is a bit of a stretch. I think the research done was merit-able and worthy of further investigation, but this stretch by the gaming sites and agencies to convey this into the domain of “violent video games” is far from a reasonable assumption.