I’ve been doing pretty good for a while. I’ve run relatively free of the depressing days for a while. Pushing something upwards of a month or two. Tonight it’s kicking in a little bit, though. I had an early evening off, shared a pizza (briefly) with my roommate, tossed in a nap, and then was left a little lost with what to do for the evening. Presumably that’s where it stemmed from: I don’t have anyone around I can really go out with on the weekends.

I told myself I’d start going to the pool hall every now and then; I was shooting for something like Wednesday or Thursday, and maybe Saturday evening too. I’m not thrilled about going alone, but going out is better than sitting at home and watching lord knows how much more television off of Elisa.

I’ve got a couple minor projects to deal with over the weekend, so that will help distract me. I’ve got the pilot pinot grigio to start1, and I’m going to try and go out and hit the pool hall up again.

I also should try to make it a habit to go out once a week to a bar and just grab a drink or two. Force me to get out there and maybe meet some people. At this stage in the game and my schooling, how/where else am I going to meet new people? *le sigh* Might be awkward, but maybe I should acquaint myself with more of the younger colleagues in the related graduate departments and try and make some friends there.


1Once I acquire a couple aquarium thermometer stickers. I do have to pay relatively close attention to the fermentation temperature of the must and such, apparently.