I’m slowly getting better with going to the gym in the morning. I just need to be more pro-active about getting to sleep prior to 11pm. It seems I really feel like crashing when I get less than six hours of sleep. I’m aiming for at least four mornings in the gym this week, hopefully five. I’m not a fan of them switching out some of their equipment. They’ve been remodeling, so they’ve been adding new equipment and removing older items. Unfortunately, one of them was the lateral row machine I was using. All of the others don’t hit my trapezius as solidly, and I’ve been having a sore neck/shoulders as a result. I might give up doing it until my next check-up with my trainer.

Milla’s ringworm infection has gotten significantly better. Her fur is starting to grow back in the regions where the infection was, and the blackened skin is down to just spotty black in coloration. She’s still not enjoying the twice-daily pills, and she has really been crying when we bathe her. Thankfully, that should be over soon at the rate her improvement is progressing at.

I am way more than ready for the fall season to kick in. It has been far too warm lately. I just want the snow here already!