I really wasn’t expecting that last blog post to take me past midnight. Apparently I sorely misgauged that time commitment. Thankfully, my new musical bliss of choice has helped me to survive the day, and decompress during that the recollection recounted in that last blog post.

A shout-out needs to be made for this new music. Kimbra‘s debut album, Vows is a bit disjointed musically, but it’s a solid collection of blues-influenced character that reminds me of VV Brown in her softer, more melodic moments (think Shark in the Water or I Love You). It just feels like the songs just around a lot in their styling, but most of them are very solid.

My other aural crush lately has been St. Vincent‘s latest and (potentially) greatest: Strange Mercy1. It just builds on the eclectic nature and mild dissonance that I loved so dearly in her previous release, Actor (especially in Actor Out of Work).

Anyhoo. You should go give one (if not both) of them a listen. Seriously. Music geek out!

1The LP I preordered just got shipped last night/today. SO pumped to finally have it on its way!

December 8 – Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful. (Author: Karen Walrond)

I have to admit, when I saw this prompt earlier in the day, I felt extremely intimidated. I grimaced at just the thought of pulling some stuff together for this. Shit, I started to wonder, “what was thinking jumping on board with this project?” However, as the day went on, I think I managed to make a few mental notes that were worthy of this.

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Reminiscing over my old ensemble (or more exactly quartet) music over the past week, I have a good feeling for what I’m missing.

I’m missing that connection with someone. The one that makes me feel like a person. That makes me feel like there are others out there like music. That listen to music like me. That watch shows like me. That play games like me. That read books like me. That share of piece of what makes me me, in what makes them them.

My quartet music exemplified that. I played music with people that could feel, move within, anticipate, and feel that emotion and passion within the medium. I crave someone who shares some of those aspects with myself. I crave someone who delights in musical tastes like myself. Who can lay on the floor or cook and bounce/dance to the music like I do.

I crave someone who loves the suspense that I read. Someone I can share my literary conspiracy theories with.

I crave someone who shares my passion for tinkering with things. Loves to understand how things work. Wants to pick something apart and put it back together to learn. Contemplate. Coherently incorporate.

I’d love to have people to fill each of those niches, if not more than one.

More than that, I want someone to fill some of those, and almost understand how I think. I can’t believe I’d ever believe that at first (sooooooooooo hard to believe people share my ideals/morals/way-of-looking-at-life), but I want to connect. Know that I’m not so ridiculously unique that people can’t connect.

I guess I don’t know how to describe it any further. I’m inebriated with mind-altering alcohol. I heard too much pensive music. I observed people making their typical maneuvers through daily life. I lost another part of that uniqueness I strive to identify and grasp onto every day.

I really should sober up. I’m no good this inebriated.

  • October 2nd – Just found out about. Reeeeeeally want to go.
  • Completely undecided yet. Have to find Soundlab first.
  • October 3rd – BPO Opening Night. *drools* ‘Nuff said?
  • October 17th – BPO’s Rachmaninoff piano concerto. Looking forward to this!
  • October 21st – Andrew Bird featuring St. Vincent. Omgomgomgomgomgomg… Seriously, yes, I’m giddy about this one. As pumped about this as I am about the BPO opener, if not moreso.
  • October 27th – The Get Up Kids. Been a fan of them since around 1999 I think? Unfortunately haven’t listened to any of their new music since, but I’m really curious to see them in concert.

    In other random stuff, football party plans appear to be flopping for Sunday. I will have a person over, maybe another two. Maybe I should plan for something a tad earlier, although I thought everyone in this town was all about the spontaneity? *sighs* I suppose it is a home game; that didn’t help.

    Forethought man, forethought!