Nashville pumps dry after panic about rumor of no gas:
• Nobody knows origin of rumor that Nashville was running out of gas
• Of 13 Nashville gas stations called at random, only two said they had gas
• Residents panicked and hit gas stations to fuel up
• People were filling up containers, cans, with some waiting an hour for gas

Williams said some drivers were following gas trucks to see where they were headed, and lines at some stations were a mile long. Fuel was continuing to enter the city, however, as pipelines were working and barges were coming in.

He likened it to Southerners rushing out to stock up on bread and milk when they hear it might snow. As stations began running low, the situation snowballed, he said.

(Via CNN.)

Seriously people…reactive damage control/emergency preparation like this is always going to screw you over. Especially if it’s a minimal concern; do something like this and you’ve exploited a situation that probably would have been fine into something that really is a problem now. The blind are leading the blind!

So much for contingency plans!

Really people, if you can’t live without fuel for a weekend, you might want to reconsider your driving habits and/or dependence on vehicular transportation. I know, I know, some people have legitimate reasons for needing it all weekend. But full weekend-scale sales on just Friday? I bet only 20% of those additional sales were needed if places really did run dry over the weekend.