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Since the retirement of Google Reader, I had been itching for a RSS aggregator & feed reader for a while. While Vienna for OSX used to be a favorite when I had a desktop on close to 24-7, it could/would miss occasional posts once I started sleeping/powering down machines in their off-hours. I had been using Feedly for a year or two at this point, but was growing increasingly disenfranchised with their cloud-style model & push for pay-for services (accompanied with reduced free functionality).

Having surveyed some of the available open-source/self-hosting solutions, I finally settled on giving FreshRSS a try. Months ago, I attempted to set this up in a test jail on my FreeBSD sever to no avail, and abandoned the work until a couple weeks ago. About a month ago, I started experimenting with Linux (particularly Manjaro, an Arch derivative) as a potential desktop replacement.

With Arch running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W (to get more familiarized with the Arch/Manjaro ecosystem), I finally renewed my attempts to get this installed on a Linux platform (which had more documentation available). With substantially less problems, I was able to get it stably running & configured. Trialling it as a replacement for Feedly for a couple weeks, I was satisfied with its performance, even on the Pi Zero! Since I migrated my web hosting from Bluehost for this site and others to a VPS running FreeBSD, I now wanted to translate this self-hosted service from my private network to a production environment accessible from the Internet at large.

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