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…and yes, I realize it’s only Monday. I’m pretty sure this won’t be beat, unless we’re quoting stuff either of the Fords said at the special council meeting today. And then it’s just a laundry list of quotes; but those aren’t as fun as I never heard them in person.

Grad student 1 to me: Jamie, you’re the only white person I know that cooks with wood ear mushrooms.

Grad student 2 to grad student 1 in a deadpan tone: [Grad student 1], you’re such a racist.

In regards to this article at the Buffalo News, Rapist attacks girl passed out at motel, I was making a remark about this to the colleague graduate student in my lab.

“Seriously. Under age, drinking to intoxication, and then passing out at some cheap motel. Getting raped is just like the cherry on top of the sundae of bad mistakes.
*thinks about what I just said for twenty seconds*

Maybe I need a quote board of the stupid things I say.