I’s got a wine kit!

I just stopped by Niagara Traditions Homebrew Supply after work today and picked up a full-set home winemaking equipment kit, with a starter kit of Pinot Grigio to get it going with. My roommate and I discussed this venture a month or so ago, and I finally made a mental note to get on the ball with that and pick up the necessary materials. Now that those are in hand, I’m (almost) ready to go! Just not this evening; starting (and fermenting) temperature needs to be between 65˚F and 75˚F. Today was a bit warm for that, so that will have to come tomorrow.

In other random news, I’m a lazy bum and haven’t shaved in just over a week. I think I’m going to keep up with this plan of action until a) I get too annoyed with the long facial hair and have to trim/shave it down, or b) someone finally calls me an unkempt louse. I’m kind of curious to see how much red is in my beard. Downside is I’m seeing how many white hairs I’m growing from my face already.

Also, going to a stripper-less stag party on Thursday evening. Kind of glad for this; the last stag party I went to (and first ever attended) had a pair of strippers. I can see the appeal for some guys. It’s just not my cup of tea!

Transmission aborting. Early evening deluge is covering transmission equipment with stray water!