Last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy. Makes me feel like I need a vacation, but I’ve been getting the feeling a lot lately. My de-stressing methods have been non-existent as of late. Need to work on that.

What I’ve been up to lately has included the following:

  • Adrienne came up from Maryland to visit over last weekend. It was great to have an old friend to hang out with for the weekend, even though I was already beat from the work week1.
  • I got to PLAY CRIBBAGE2!!! WHOOO!!!
  • Anything more than an entire bottle of wine for myself still fucks me up. Apparently I’m sick after 1.75L-worth of the stuff. However, you’ve pretty much won me over if you ever try to seduce me with (no more than) a bottle of decent wine and some strong, delicious cheeses3.
  • Passion Pit was pretty awesome to see last weekend. One of their opening acts, Bear Hands, was really good as well; I’ll be tracking down their music now. Got to meet Clark Dever in the process, and see the beautiful music hall that is the Rapids Theatre up in Niagara Falls, NY.
  • I liked Greenberg. It had a really cute ending in my opinion. In addition, I’m really curious to see The Losers and Cyrus when they make it to theater.
  • I totally went to The Tralf for the first time ever just to see The Invisible. I didn’t really care about the main act, Bonobo. I sort of took off after his first song or two. I just really, really, really wanted to see The Invisible!
  • Finally made it down to check out Comfort Zone this weekend. Nice little shop, and quite the tasty tea zings!

Alright, signing off at this point. Just wiped and ready to pass out…

1I hate being a lazy bum when I have company over for a weekend. Usually I like to drag them out to as much as reasonable to see stuff since two days isn’t much to see what Buffalo has to offer. Especially for food venues!
2I grew up playing cribbage with my father. I also (usually) enjoy playing poker, and I loved playing canasta and pinochle in college once I learned how to play those from friends. I even do hearts and spades! I have no buddies out here in Buffalo whom I can play card games with. By the way, I have many decks of cards, and my own cribbage board, too!
3Hint hint, in case anyone out there is really considering it!