With yesterday’s partially unmitigated disasters still around to deal with this morning, I was thankful I didn’t find anything new to wreck the day. At least nothing major.

The tire with the flat was nearly empty in the morning, but it was enough air to delicately get me to the nearest gas station with an air machine. Filling the tire back up, I made it back over to Dunn where they conveniently had an opening to deal with the tire. I asked them to re-examine one of my tires that they missed a bulge on during my last rotation, and just even with a cursory inspection they determined that it would need to be replaced. Additionally, they discovered the leak in the flat tire was a sidewall puncture, so that one had to be replaced as well. I’m now sitting at 25% of my original new tires still on the car in less than a year since purchasing them. Two bulges, one debris-less sidewall puncture. I’m starting to think I’m jinxed! Thank goodness Dunn has been so good about replacing them so far.

Over on the work front, unfortunately I still do not have my appointment established yet. I’m going to be antsy like my pants are on fire until that gets resolved. Having a lapse in my payments is totally going to fuck up my plans to try and get back to North Dakota near the end of this month. I still need to get back there for a vacation of sorts, and moreso to help out my parents with the house. It’s gutted down to the frame, awaiting an electrician’s repairs and inspection, before it can be sealed back up. Once that goes through, then it’s walls, insulation, and new sheetrock up ASAP before the cold weather moves in as long as the HVAC systems pass muster as well.

I was sent confirmation last night that my order from BioRad was supposed to show up today. Unfortunately, even despite my late arrival at work, no delivery showed up from them. Purchasing told me it should be delivered by today but then the forwarded email that said that was ambiguous as all hell. It claims expected delivery to have been today, but since the order was a single item, the whole “following items on back order” blanks being present have me uneasy.
It worries me even moreso that those important remarks are blank.

Ugh. I’m starting to worry that I’m either (a) being a drama queen about all of this, or (b) that I’m freaking out way too much about this. Also, the fact that I’m stuck waiting on this BioRad order even further puts off finishing this paper. I’m rock-solid on finishing this paper and having it submitted to the journal’s editor before leaving for Minot. I can’t put it off any longer, and would leave a convenient period to insert my belated vacation time that never came this summer.

Oye. As if I didn’t have enough on my platter already. Some days, I really do swear I need drugs to keep my brain straight and try to manage all this crap going on at once. May be time to just man up and start taking them out with a bat, one by one. Messy, unnecessarily excessive and exhausting, but damn well effective.