I really wasn’t expecting that last blog post to take me past midnight. Apparently I sorely misgauged that time commitment. Thankfully, my new musical bliss of choice has helped me to survive the day, and decompress during that the recollection recounted in that last blog post.

A shout-out needs to be made for this new music. Kimbra‘s debut album, Vows is a bit disjointed musically, but it’s a solid collection of blues-influenced character that reminds me of VV Brown in her softer, more melodic moments (think Shark in the Water or I Love You). It just feels like the songs just around a lot in their styling, but most of them are very solid.

My other aural crush lately has been St. Vincent‘s latest and (potentially) greatest: Strange Mercy1. It just builds on the eclectic nature and mild dissonance that I loved so dearly in her previous release, Actor (especially in Actor Out of Work).

Anyhoo. You should go give one (if not both) of them a listen. Seriously. Music geek out!

1The LP I preordered just got shipped last night/today. SO pumped to finally have it on its way!