Had some interesting clashes between overcast and sunny weather this afternoon. It made for a relatively nice shot while driving home to see the sun-lit autumn leaves against the dark and rainy distance.

Overcast Amherst 2

Another mile on the way home, and a very intense rainbow made itself apparent. Primary, secondary, tertiary and supernumerary rainbows all present….wow indeed. I only wish I had managed to get a picture of the primary/secondary/tertiary all together.

Rainbow 2

The weather has gone crazy again. Big surprise, right?? We had beautiful, sunny skies yesterday with highs somewhere in the 50’s, and now we’re down to crazy mid-20’s with freezing rain and snow due later tonight. Crazy weather fronts and silly southeastern moisture!

This weekend is recruitment weekend for my graduate program (Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in the Biomedical Sciences). Like the weekends in past since I was accepted into the program here, I’m helping out with the recruitment process by meeting with the students and answering/reassuring any questions they may have. Personally, it’s nice to meet some interested parties in the university and help get them excited about coming here, but I have to admit that the free food and beer is a nice perk on the side also! Thursday night is casual night out to break them in and let them meet some students. Friday they get to see the school and meet with selected faculty members of their choice, lunch with students and faculty both, and dinner with faculty and students again. I get to help out with both dinners, and then meet with them one last time Saturday morning for breakfast to show those interested about general housing areas in the city and ‘burbs. Granted, I’m no expert like many of the people who grew up in this region of WNY, but I’ve gotten a good feeling over the years for what’s nice and what’s sketchy.

Being that this is my third year helping out with the recruitment process, I’m starting to feel my age within the program a little bit. The first year I helped out, there were a couple fifth year students still doing it, and numerous other ones above me. Since then, we’ve lost more of those upperclassmen. This year, there are only three that are upperclassmen to myself, and only by a single year. I’m getting to that point that I am the upperclassmen, and it’s starting to feel weird. This is only compounded by the fact that I’m no longer taking real coursework (just research credits and seminars), and I’m already on my way to candidacy as long as my research continues to be fruitful. Ironically, I don’t feel that I’ve accomplished a ton in terms of research, but I have gotten some really interesting results since I’ve started my project. Additionally, I’m on the edge of finishing some crucial experiments to determine where my research is going to continue, so perhaps I’ve really accomplished more than I thought? Who knows…I’ll just be excited to finally get a project of my own to publish!

I’m slowly getting better with going to the gym in the morning. I just need to be more pro-active about getting to sleep prior to 11pm. It seems I really feel like crashing when I get less than six hours of sleep. I’m aiming for at least four mornings in the gym this week, hopefully five. I’m not a fan of them switching out some of their equipment. They’ve been remodeling, so they’ve been adding new equipment and removing older items. Unfortunately, one of them was the lateral row machine I was using. All of the others don’t hit my trapezius as solidly, and I’ve been having a sore neck/shoulders as a result. I might give up doing it until my next check-up with my trainer.

Milla’s ringworm infection has gotten significantly better. Her fur is starting to grow back in the regions where the infection was, and the blackened skin is down to just spotty black in coloration. She’s still not enjoying the twice-daily pills, and she has really been crying when we bathe her. Thankfully, that should be over soon at the rate her improvement is progressing at.

I am way more than ready for the fall season to kick in. It has been far too warm lately. I just want the snow here already!