Out of boredom, I decided I wanted to install Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro1. I was quite adamantly denied that, however, because the Boot Camp Assistant was unable to move some files out of the way for the partitioning bulldozer. That got me thinking about that though. Really? Just bored? Yup…without any new technology to play with lately, I’m getting bored and want to experiment with new stuff. That, and I could use a Windows-based platform to test out my CiteULike API programming to tweak the Perl a little bit (if necessary) to play nicely on all platforms.

Healthy household is also denied. I’m slowly recovering, but now Emily has come down with something that seems to be stuffing her up2, but more noticeably she’s got a ripe cough going on. Maybe what I had wasn’t simply a sinus infection trying to get out, and instead moreso a sinus infection as a consequence of some viral upper respiratory infection? If so, she has my sympathies: the past couple weeks have been a sonofabitch on my system. At least I’m stocked with some major decongestants, for both the nose and the chest. I may have to float those her way and see if they help.

Now that I’m getting healthier, it’s time to get caught back up on real life. Got some wine to rack this week, a car to get tuned up, some windows to finish sealing, and some real cooking to get back to. I need to get back to doing some practice runs, but I really need to make sure this illness has cleared my system, lest I relapse back into the frightful mess again. *shudders*

1This is a minor issue because of the 128GB SSD hard drive that the laptop uses. Considering Windows 7 is a bit of a fatter footprint than Mac OS X, it would eat up ~1/3 of my hard drive space to give myself a useful installation partition.
2The whiteboard in the kitchen said, “You little fuck. I’m sick.” It made me giggle; at least she didn’t blame me for it! Anyways, I can’t tell how bad the nasal congestion is, as one can only really hear it when you’re sniffling, and that is kind of dependent on how runny your nose is, not how congested it is.