I believe I’ve outgrown the present theme on my website. I tried to get an “About” page going on, but alas I do not have the expertise nor the time to troubleshoot the PHP to get that to work right now. And, unfortunately, support for this specific theme looks a little lacking short of contacting the author. A hunting I shall go…tomorrow morning! Melatonin is in the midst of kicking my brain’s arse right now, sending me into an oblivious slumber.

07. October 2007 · Write a comment · Categories: Techie · Tags:

I think I’ve finally settled into a theme I like. I’ve tweaked with the colors a little bit as I wasn’t a huge fan of the light green look to the theme. Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t letting me edit the main CSS file, as it keeps stating it doesn’t exist. Which is ironic, since it opens for me, but won’t save. I’m not exactly sure how that managed to happen, but meh. *shrugs*