Dakota Voice: Palin Caved on Vouchers: “As with any politician (or human being, for that matter), there will always be one or more issues where we may disagree.

As much as I like Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, I believe she caved on the issue of school vouchers.”

(Via The Dakota Voice.)

The basic lowdown of this article elaborates how Palin formally opposed the voucher system that McCain (and much of the Republican Party) support for the education system. After a discussion with the wife over dinner about some issues being maintained by the candidates, I was really hoping that she was still in disapproval of the voucher system so that the McCain campaign would have to rethink this issue.

It would appear that is no longer so. I’m no longer pleased with their stance on education reform if it potentially involves further undermining already struggling school systems and lending favor to private institutions. Oye vay…

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